Wallace Baptist Church
John L Melton III
During my families search for a church to attend and after much prayer where definitely
lead to Wallace Baptist Church. We just wanted to be in His will and wanted to attend
where He lead. I was not seeking to do anything but attend and work in the church as He
directed. It was my thoughts that He would lead me to teach a Sunday School class or
work with the youth has I had done previously.

I would had never predicted I'd be called to pastor a church. My first response was " Lord,
I'm a fireman, thats all" But he has without a doubt called me here. I have prayed for a
"Burning Bush" and even though I have not seen the bush I've seen Him at work!

As in the Bible when fishermen where called to follow and trust Him, He has now called a
fireman!  I know without any doubt the God has a plan for me, WBC and you. All we have
to do is step out on faith and let Him supply what we need.

As the pastor of WBC I ask for your prayers as we endeavor do play a part in God's plan
as it is revealed to us, and that if He leads you to WBC that you too will be a part of His

Your's In Christ
John L Melton III